Our philosophy

A design always starts with understanding the people who live there, how they want to live in those spaces and what is important to them. How do they want to feel while being in these spaces? 

Next, we ask what nature is already doing in this space, and how we could work with these elements. Is this a secluded woodland or an open coastal view? How can we honor the magic of this place?

Then, we search for a theme or a concept to inspire the creation of new elements. An artist or work of art may guide the composition, as in the Kandinsky and Modern Asian projects, which we call our Art Gardens. Striking architecture may set the tone, with the landscape supporting the patterns and elements, as in the Sea-glass House and Olde Maine in Cohasset. Sometimes plants take center stage by being arranged into formal patterns which create outdoor rooms, as in Contemporary Farmhouse and Scandinavian Farmhouse, or they flow through a landscape, taking cues from the natural ecosystem, like in Harbor View and the Delaunay garden. 

Always, we strengthen the connection between home and landscape, between people and nature. A vignette in the landscape becomes accented by the framed view through the window, bringing the feeling of nature into the home. Dining under a tree canopy of blossoms brings moments of peace to a busy day. 

Working with highly professional contractors, we establish estimates, coordinate phases of construction, and provide project management to guide the installation of the design to its final product. 

ART GARDENS: Using Art as Inspiration for Landscape Design

Art Gardens is our process of landscape design which uses the the work of a specific artist or work of art as the theme to guide the composition of forms and the selection of materials to build an outdoor space that corresponds to the work of art. Taking the concept even further, Art Gardens could incorporate multiple art forms into the space, including sculpture, music, dance, performance art and experiential elements.

Kandinsky Garden Delaunay Garden